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Charly & Max

A neutral learning environment (free of logos and product placements) for children ages 6 to 11. Follow the adventures of Charly, 9, and Max, 14, as they learn to budget, analyze ads, work and earn money, etc.    

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Charly and Max, it’s also . . .

Charly and Max Get Involved! is more than just videos. It’s also a game, surveys, quizzes, and much more. As they play, your students accumulate points they can then donate to the cause they support the most between Fondation du Grand défi Pierre Lavoie or Fondation Monique-Fitz-Back. In June 2016, Desjardins will donate $3,000 to the foundation with the most points and $2,000 to the other.

Discover Charly and Max Get Involved!

Videos, games, surveys, quizzes and challenges, and much more!

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