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CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Co-op Week: At Desjardins, we’re all committed to supporting youth!

September13, 2019

Have you heard about Co-op Week? It’s a special time of the year at Desjardins when we showcase our cooperative difference by doing something meaningful for the people in our communities.


From October 7 to 19, caisse employees will participate in a community action day to show young people we care. We’ll be volunteering at local schools and community organizations.


Got a special school project in mind—but maybe need a little hand from Desjardins volunteers to make it happen? Here’s your chance! Submitting a proposal is easy. It could be anything from cleaning up the school yard, brightening up the library, creating a reading corner, organizing a clothing drive or running a free financial literacy activity during a school breakfast. 


Just follow these 5 easy steps:


1. Watch the tutorials for organization and volunteers tutorials and read over the terms and conditions to see if your project is eligible.


2. Contact your local caisse about your project and ask an advisor to help prepare your proposal (scope, mission, impact, etc.).


3. With help from your advisor, identify your caisse’s rallyer. Watch the Volunteers tutorial for more details.


4. Submit your proposal here. It will take a few days for your activity to get approved and show up on the site.


5. When the big day comes, welcome your volunteer team and put them to work!


Feel free to contact your caisse for more information or to discuss your options. 

The proposal deadline is October 11. Go to

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