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5 saving project ideas for 6- to 12-year-olds

September30, 2019

Here are 5 ideas that are sure to wow 6- to 12-year-olds and keep them motivated until they reach their goal.


My first concert!

We all remember how excited we were to go to our very first concert. Why not make that happen for your child? They could save up for tickets to attend the concert of their choice. Do you find the tickets too pricey for your child’s budget? You could have them put money aside to buy a t-shirt or some other promotional merchandise sold at the concert venue. With so many big festivals happening throughout the province, it’s easy to find something for the whole family.


Family trip: be an explorer!

A jungle adventure in Costa Rica, a safari in Africa, or even a road trip across Quebec… Whatever you’re planning, your kid will jump at the chance to pitch in! This is the perfect opportunity to combine saving and exploring! You’ll need to do some research and planning. In addition to planning the itinerary with your family, you can discuss the places you’d like to visit and suggest that your kids save up to buy a journal where they can put notes, drawings and photos of your vacation together.


Summer camps with a twist!

Remember your days at summer camp? New friendships, adventures and discoveries—how could you ever forget? Put a fresh spin on summer camps and ask your kids if there is a themed camp they would like to attend. Then help them save up for the gear they need! All of a sudden, saving up for new ballet shoes, a musical instrument or a recipe book becomes very exciting. It also shows them the real-world benefits that come with saving your money. 


A blast with friends!

If amusement parks, escape games, water slides and the zoo are usually family activities for you, maybe think about helping your child plan their first “friends-only” outing!


Letting your child choose and coordinate their own activity is a fun way to teach them about savings.Together, you can decide how many friends to invite and how much your child should contribute. Does your kid want to cover the cotton candy or poutine? The obstacle course? Will they also be paying for their friends’ admission, or maybe some ice cream cones? Basically, the possibilities are endless. It’s your call!


Wanted: family pet

It’s finally the right time to get that puppy you’ve been talking about for so long. This new addition will need care, food, toys and a comfy bed, just like any other member of the family. And that all takes some planning. This is your chance to work out a savings plan with your kids to make sure they understand that pets are a commitment. This will also help them learn to be more responsible. They’ll have a great time picking out their furry friend’s new bowl, toy or leash, and paying for it with their own money. They’ll probably be even more proud to feed, walk and care for the animal knowing that they’ve made important contributions to this family project.

*Kitties, bunnies or other cute animals are acceptable too!"

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