School Caisse

Turn your learners into master savers

The School Caisse promotes savings habits by offering your students support in the form of activities and educational materials.

Learn about the School Caisse

Who is the School Caisse for?

The School Caisse is for all elementary students in Québec and Ontario, whether the school participates in the program or not.

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Video presentation

Introduce your little scholars to the School Caisse

This video helps you explain to your students why saving is crucial for carrying out projects you care about.

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Tools and activities

Guide your learners on the road to saving

Each activity includes tools to assess how well your students are doing with regard to the competencies set out by the ministries of education in Quebec and Ontario.

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Activities and videos

Teach your students the basics of saving while having fun

There are lots of activities and video clips to help little learners better understand the mysterious language of finance and save on a regular basis.

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confused calculator

Teach your students how to calculate sales tax

Taxes can really add up and take a chunk out of your budget! Teach your students how to calculate sales tax with our online tool.

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