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As soon as they start the school caisse program, participating students receive all the envelopes they need for the entire school year. If need be, they can also get some in class, at the school reception office or the caisse.

A caisse messenger will take care of transporting the deposits from the school to the caisse.

You can make deposits:

  • at a counter at any Desjardins caisse (make sure you have a piece of ID if you go to a caisse you’re not a member of)
  • using our online person to person money transfer feature

Your child is about to start an important phase of life during which they will have to make countless consumption choices. With your guidance, the savings and cooperation values acquired thanks to the school caisse program will remain a part of your teen’s  decision-making process put to use in this new financial reality.


Desjardins Youth Profit Account

Seeing as the school caisse is only in elementary schools, your local caisse will transfer your child’s school caisse account to a Desjardins Youth Profit Account. Your child will keep the same account number (folio). This account is specially designed for students in the same age group as your child and offers  good returns.



  • The higher the balance, the greater the interet.
  • It lets students aged 12 and over have access to their account in any Desjardins caisse in Quebec.
  • With your Authorization, your child can make withdrawals and use ATMs.
  • Free of charge for children under 18.


How do we proceed?

In order to fully benefit from all the advantages this  new account has to offer, your child will have to sign a new enrolment form and provide the caisse with a valid piece of ID. The caisse will contact you at the appropriate time.