The School Caisse

Educational activities for learning about finance

The School Caisse is much more than the small envelope your students get to deposit money. It’s also a fun way to integrate financial concepts into your little learners’ education.

Why the School Caisse?

Because the art of saving is a learning process

By providing teachers with tools, the School Caisse educational program aims to teach your students the value of money and the importance of savings goals.

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Benefits of the School Caisse

Developing good saving habits

Your school and your students will enjoy many benefits by taking part in the School Caisse, including turnkey activities and tools that integrate into the programs of the ministries of education in Quebec and Ontario.

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The school’s role

Working together to teach your students about saving

Taking part in the program, teaching, encouraging kids─we all have roles to play so that our young people get the most out of the School Caisse.

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History of the School Caisse

Founded in 1907, the School Caisse has been working with parents and schools for over 100 years to educate children about saving.

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