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What is the school caisse?

Are you familiar with the school caisse? It’s much more than that little envelope your students get for their deposits.


Learn about the advantages of this educational program, your role as a teacher, and more.

La valeur de l'argent

School caisse objectives

Through the school caisse program, children learn about the value of money and goods, as well as the importance of setting savings objectives and fulfilling commitments.


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Avantage de la caisse scolaire

School caisse advantages

The school caisse offers advantages to both students and schools.


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The school’s roles

Parents and schools each have roles that ensure the children reap all of the school caisse program’s benefits.


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Historique de la caisse scolaire

History of the school caisse

Launched in 1907, the school caisse program, in partnership with parents and schools, has been carrying out its mission for more than 100 years now, teaching students about saving.


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