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2020 School Caisse Desjardins Foundation Prizes

March26, 2021

The Desjardins Foundation Prizes were awarded to more than 421 projects during this very different school year. The support will give 62,000 young people the chance to participate in exciting initiatives led by dedicated teachers and community leaders.

The projects nominated for the 2020 Desjardins Foundation Prizes were clearly influenced by the pandemic. The initiatives, which ranged from making environmentally friendly masks to participating in outdoor sports activities, proved that educators and the community of people who work with kids are more passionate than ever about helping them succeed. See the complete list of winners.

New this year: Elementary schools offering the School Caisse program could submit a finance-related project for a chance to win 1 of 3 grand prizes of $1,000 from the Desjardins Foundation.


Here are this year's winners:

1- École Saint-Guillaume in Épiphanie for its recipe-in-a-jar fundraiser, the proceeds of which were used to make the school a nicer place for students. Their goal was to find lasting solutions to make their school more attractive.


2- École de la Marelle in Beaumont for its campaign to promote mask-wearing among the school's students. The students and teachers created a shop to make necklaces and mask straps, then they gave each student and staff member one of their creations free of charge.


3- École Sainte-Cécile in Sainte-Cécile-de-Whitton for providing a $600 budget to each of the school's 5 groups/levels so that they could purchase games for their classroom bubbles. These purchases helped brighten the students' days during a challenging time when groups were kept apart and couldn't share games with each other.


We want to congratulate all the winners. We're proud of the teachers and students behind these projects!


Desjardins Foundation Prizes are for school and community workers who seek financial assistance to run projects with kindergarten, elementary or high school students.