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A behind-the-scenes look


If you enjoyed the Money doesn’t have to be a mystery! videos featuring François Morency, you’re going to love this behind-the-scenes look at our light-hearted campaign. Here’s what happened backstage:

  1. We filmed the videos during the pandemic, which meant there were only so many kids available for the interviews. The kids that François interviewed are children of Desjardins employees. None of them received training from their parents before filming, which is why some of their answers were surprising. That just shows why it’s so important to teach kids about money from a young age!
  2. The technical crew had a 2-metre pole on hand to ensure physical distancing between François and the children, since they didn’t wear masks during the interviews. The film crew members were well protected with masks and face shields. Kudos to the team for creating a safe environment that allowed for fun discussions with the kids!
  3. We interviewed 12 kids and selected 9 of them for the videos. The selection process wasn’t based on talent, but quite the opposite! Some of the children were funny and really witty, but they moved around so much and kept squirming out of the camera frame.
  4. Some kids were very open and told François that their mom knew him. A boy even said that he thinks his mom’s a fan.
  5. The children interviewed aren’t actors. None of them had any experience being on TV, and some of them didn’t know they had to say hello to the camera. The film crew gave these kids advice and tips, but some of them just didn’t do the whole greeting thing.
  6. It took 6 hours to film 3 videos.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch the third and last video called L’épargne (in French only), you can check it out on the website. Enjoy!