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Enrolling my child for the School Caisse

Interested in the school caisse program? See the list of participating schools to find out if your child’s school offers this program and enroll online.

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Tips to help you get started

Sometimes money can be complicated—but the School Caisse is here to help!

7 easy ways to teach your kids about money

As a parent, you have an important role to play in teaching your child the value of money and how to manage it. Building financial literacy from an early age will help them become more independent and equip them with solid life skills. Annie Savard, an associate professor in mathematics education at McGill University and a CIRANO fellow, has 7 tips on how to talk to your child about money.

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Managing your children's expectations

Intrinsically linked to savings and spending, the ability to manage expectations at a young age is a major learning opportunity that will shape many behaviours of adulthood. Child psychologists, such as Jean Piaget , Sigmund Freud and Walter Mischel, recognized that many young children are unable to resist the urge for an immediate reward and wait for a later, greater one.

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How to talk to your kids about money

Raising a family is fun and exciting, but it can also be expensive at times. That said, there’s no reason to keep your kids in the dark about where your money goes. By talking to them about money, you can help them become informed consumers and citizens.

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The art of financial empowerment: Talking to our kids about money

There’s no scientific formula we can use to decide whether or not we should share our financial concerns with our children. It really depends on the situation, the people involved and the family’s values, says developmental psychologist Richard Cloutier.

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Activity books

Making learning fun

Teach your child about saving with activity books designed for their grade level. They’ll learn the basics of saving through colouring pages, games, surveys and quizzes.


The perfect tool to make their dream come true

Encourage your child to use Calculo, and keep track of their account balance with them! This tool will help them set a savings goal, plan their deposits and make their dream come true.

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Games and videos

Learning while having fun!

Teach your child the basics of saving with activity books, videos, tablet apps and more.

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