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10 June , 2024

Planning an event?

Finding constructive ways to keep kids occupied can be a challenge. Why not ask your child to plan an event. You might want to encourage them to think about something that reflects who they are. Wouldn't that be a great way to get their creative juices flowing?

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01 May , 2024

Understanding the sentimental value of objects

Explain the concept of sentimental value to your child with an analogy to bartering and a short story. 

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04 March , 2024

Even more talk about responsible consumption and sustainable development?

Absolutely, because it's relevant and important! There are several good reasons why you should start discussing this with your child.

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11 October , 2023

Using trick-or-treating to show kids how to save

Did you know that you could use Halloween to teach your child about savings? Here's how.

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06 September , 2023

The School Caisse story

Stories are always fun to tell and hear. Help your child discover the history of the School Caisse by telling them about the people that made it happen.

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