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The School Caisse

The discipline of saving

The School Caisse is much more than the small envelope your child gets to deposit money. See for yourself!

La valeur de l'argent

Why the School Caisse?

Because kids need to learn about money

In addition to the value of money and consumer goods, the School Caisse will teach your child the importance of setting savings goals, respecting commitments and managing money well.

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Avantage de la caisse scolaire

School Caisse benefits

Learning far more than how to save

The School Caisse will not only help your child develop a sense of saving, but also independence and responsibility—just what they need in the real world!

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The parent’s role

Enrolling, supporting and encouraging kids—we all have roles to play so that our young people get the most out of the School Caisse.

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Caractéristiques de la caisse scolaire

School Caisse account

Designed for your little learner

A School Caisse account offers first-time savers a number of exclusive benefits.

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Implication de la caisse scolaire

Youth dividend

Rewarding the next generation

The youth dividend was created by caisses to encourage and reward the savings efforts of young School Caisse participants.

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Historique de la caisse scolaire

History of the School Caisse

The ancient art of saving

Founded in 1907, the School Caisse has been working with parents and schools for over 100 years to educate children about saving.

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Enrolling my child for the School Caisse

Interested in the school caisse program? See the list of participating schools to find out if your child’s school offers this program and enroll online.


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