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The caisses’s involvement

Caisses and credit unions are involved in many aspects of the School Caisse program, including the payment of a youth dividend.

Students who take part in the School Caisse can receive a special dividend known as the youth dividend. Created by caisses and credit unions, this fixed monetary amount is given to students to show them that saving pays off.

The youth dividend rewards students for their diligence and dedication to making regular deposits in their School Caisse savings account. It is not paid out according to how much they save.

School Caisse participants who have made enough deposits will receive a message about their youth dividend when the dividend is paid in June.

School year

In June, eligible student participants receive a statement with details of their reward. Their dividend is deposited directly into their account.

Enrolling my child for the School Caisse

Whether your school takes part in School Caisse deposits or not, you can enjoy the program's educational activities by signing up your child today!

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