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The caisses’s involvement

The caisses’s involvement takes on many forms, including the youth dividend.

Students who take part in the school caisse can receive a special dividend: the youth dividend for young school caisse members. The caisses created this fixed-amount dividend to reward young members for their efforts to save.

The youth dividend focuses on encouraging perseverance and discipline rather than on the amount saved. For the 2015–2016 school year, participating caisses paid out nearly $240 000 to 25 000 participating students.

School caisse members who have made enough deposits will receive a message about their youth dividend when the dividend is paid in June.


School year

In June, caisses will pay youth dividends to members who made at least 7 deposits between September 1 and April 30, regardless of the amount.


Enrolling my child for the school caisse

A sure way to encourage financial independence.

Enroll my Child