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Financial education at home

Where does money come from? What’s overconsumption? How does financing work? Some questions are hard to answer—especially when your child is the one asking. Visit for more than 100 activities, articles and videos to help you explain financial concepts to your children. The content is organized by age and topic and will help you provide the support your kids need to develop responsible behaviours towards money and cultivate financial independence.

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How can your kid log on to their account ?

The new online accounts make it easy for you to watch your kids’ savings grow. Go to the Child section with your kids and log on to their account together.


You can also go through the tutorial and read some of the helpful information so you can support them as they learn.





Help your child turn their dreams into reality: help them set a savings goal with Calculo and keep track of their account balance together.


Quiz: Your child and money

Is your child the type to save or spend? Answer a few questions about your child’s financial habits and find out which tools can help them improve their knowledge.


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