Financial education at home

Help your child learn about saving. This guide, organized by age and financial topics, contains more than 100 activities, articles and videos.

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Track the progress of your child’s savings

Help your child view their account the first time they log in by watching the video tutorial and referring to the downloadable checklist. These resources will also help your child understand their account information.

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The perfect tool to make their dream come true

Encourage your child to use Calculo, and keep track of their account balance with them! This tool will help them set a savings goal, plan their deposits and make their dream come true.

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Assess your little learner’s financial habits

Guide your child through their financial education. Answer a few questions about their financial habits to find out which tools are designed for their profile.

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Desjardins Foundation

Helping young people stay in school

Young people need recognition and support. That’s why the Desjardins Foundation has set up scholarships, prizes, donations and resources to help them succeed.

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The ancient art of saving

Maison Alphonse-Desjardins

Introduce your child to Maison Alphonse-Desjardins virtually or in person. Open year round, the museum offers guided tours and a host of educational activities on the theme of saving. Admission is free!

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