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Watch the videos to learn more about payment methods, money circulation, advertisement, and more!


Advertisements are messages trying to influence you, the next time you see or hear an ad, ask questions before you decide to buy something.


Cooperating means working as a team. When you become a member of a cooperative, you work with other members toward a common goal that benefits everyone. And who wouldn’t want that?


Overconsumption means buying more than you need. Take a minute to think about what you really need. So, you can make good choices.

Supply and demand

Supply and demand… It affects the price of everything you buy. We explain how it works.

Payment methods

What's the difference between paying with cash, a debit card or a credit card? We explain to you what the payment methods are.

Budget and savings

A budget shows you how much money you earn, how much you spend, and how much you can save for future goals.

Personal information

Personal information is the data that will allow you to successfully identify you. Which is why it's information you should protect.

Where does money come from?

Where does money come from? Money is part of a cycle we all play a role in.