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Watch the videos to learn more about payment methods, money circulation, advertisement, and more!


Many ads convey false messages. Can you spot them?


What is a cooperative?

What is a cooperative? It’s working as a team and joining forces to accomplish more.


While at the grocery store with his mother, Carlos learns how to make sound purchases.

Supply and demand

The factors that influence the price of goods.


Payment methods

What is the difference between paying with cash, a debit card and a credit card?



Savings is money you manage to set aside once all expenses have been paid. You can use it to buy items you really want, like a comic book.

Protecting your identity

It’s very important to protect information like your address, email address and password because they can be used to identify you.

Where does money come from?

Money circulates and is part of a cycle in which everyone has a role to play.