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Youth dividend

Growing their savings

The youth dividend1 is a $10 dividend that young members ages 5 to 17 can receive each year to encourage them to save. They don't need to save a specific amount—they're rewarded simply for their hard work and perseverance!

School Caisse members are eligible if:

  • They're at least 5 years old on January 1 of the reference year
  • They make 7 or more deposits to their School Caisse account between January 1 and December 31 of the same year (eligible everyday account)
  • Their School Caisse account is active as of December 31 of the reference year and when the youth dividend is paid out in June of the following year

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New! The calculation period for deposits for the youth dividend is January 1 to December 31 of the same year.

1 The youth dividend is for members of a Desjardins caisse in Quebec or members of Desjardins Ontario Credit Union Inc. who meet all the conditions. Offer subject to change without notice. For full details, go to

Who is the School Caisse for?

The School Caisse is for all elementary students in Québec and Ontario, whether the school participates in the program or not.

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Enrolling my child for the School Caisse

A sure way to encourage financial independence.

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