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21 February , 2022

Talking about taxes and income tax

Do your children ask you why the price at the cash is not the same as one on the price tag? Are they already questioning you about the cost of seeing a doctor at the hospital?

After this activity, you'll have many ways to easily explain taxes and income tax and help your children understand the basics of our economy.

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04 December , 2021

Consumption: like parent, like child?

In families, it's rare that everyone agrees about money. It's only natural. Each family member has a unique relationship with money, particularly spouses.

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06 October , 2021

Desjardins Foundation prizes | Get financial assistance for your next project

This year, more than ever, it's important to carry out projects that encourage motivation and academic perseverance among our young people. 

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26 March , 2021

2020 School Caisse Desjardins Foundation Prizes

Meet the winners of the 2020 School Caisse Desjardins Foundation Prizes 

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23 December , 2020

Happy holidays

and happy new year!

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