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20 June , 2022

Planning a family trip

Thinking of taking a family trip? Take this opportunity to teach your child about saving, budgets and the value of a dollar. With your help, your child will be able to make decisions based on the pre-determined budget. 

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23 May , 2022

How to approach responsible consumption

Consumption is the act of acquiring or using a good or service. Responsible consumption means being thoughtful about the choices you make on a daily basis.

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25 April , 2022

Drawing up a budget

There is no ideal age to start saving. After this activity, your children will know why they want to save and they will be comfortable when it comes to planning purchases based on the discounts they find and items they really need.

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25 March , 2022

Making your child aware of the importance of protecting personal information

Does your child want to create a user profile online? It's probably a good time to go over ways to keep important information confidential. At the end of this activity, your child will be able to recognize good practices for protecting personal information and surfing the Internet safely.

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21 February , 2022

Talking about taxes and income tax

Do your children ask you why the price at the cash is not the same as one on the price tag? Are they already questioning you about the cost of seeing a doctor at the hospital?

After this activity, you'll have many ways to easily explain taxes and income tax and help your children understand the basics of our economy.

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